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Application fields

Automotive industry

Automotive industry manufacturers usually have their own laser engraving and/or cutting machines, but their suppliers not necessarily own such equipment.

Aviation and military industry

Aviation and military industry sets very strict product identification and tracking requirements for suppliers. Such requirements can only be met by the implementation of the proper technologies. Laser engraving is an ideal method, as life-long laser markings are clearly legible on all kinds of materials.

Manufacturing industries

In manufacturing industries all products have to be marked with identification and information data. Furthermore, marking of brands and tracking information supporting guarantee related claims is very important.

Information systems

When prominent experts, scientists, politicians and celebrities are invited to a conference, the required quality can be fulfilled by laser engraved name plates.

Laser engraving in security technology

Security is important for everyone. Laser engraving solutions are used in several fields of security technology.

Engraving textiles and leather

The industry of textiles and leather gives several exciting tasks to laser engraving and cutting machines, such as decoration, manufacturing and tailoring, and also during embroidery laser cutting can be usefully applied when shape cutting the embroidered patterns.


In jewelry industry lasers are used both for decorating and manufacturing. All the precious metals and simple materials can used in jewelry industry can be marked with laser. From the simple monograms to photo engraving, any kinds of captures or figures can be made with laser machines.

Laser engraving of gifts and souvenirs

One of the most elegant and lasting way of marking and labeling personal and company gifts is laser engraving. Laser labeling suits the precious gifts the best, and also stickers made by engraving of metallic foils is very popular.

Laser engraving in printing industry

The range of laser applications in the field of printing industry is extremely wide. Although laser machines do not use ink for the preparation of captures, they still can engrave texts, serial or code numbers on paper or on cardboards, even online, on the conveyor of the printing products.

Engraving models

The world of models and scale models is all about precision and rich details. Such requirements can be fully met with laser engraving and cutting machines. Folprint Laser Engraving is ready to serve you when such claims arise, as lasers can amazingly accelerate the very time-consuming process of cutting wooden, plastic and carton sheets, according to computer designs.

Laser engraving in pharmaceutical industry

Labeling of medical devices has to meet strict requirements, which - in several cases - can only be fulfilled with laser engraving. Sometimes there is only a small surface on which quite a lot of information has to be marked due to safety reasons; in these cases the use of the high resolution marking method of lasers is appropriate.

Laser engraving in food industry

Food marking is of great importance these days, when scandalous food counterfeits turn out from time to time. Laser engraving is a well-established method for proving the origin of products or marking the real expiry date.

Construction industry

In construction industry the primary field for lasers is interior design and the preparation of building and engineering information plates. Interior coverings, stone or wooden cladding can be made unique by laser engraving. 2,5D relief engravings can be created on wood, stone or acrylic sheets, and even photo quality engravings can be placed on such materials, or on two-layer (laminated) materials.

Laser engraving in packaging technologies

In the field of packaging laser machines serve several functions. Nowadays laser machines installed in packaging plants takes the place of inkjet devices: there is no use for ink, thus lasers work cleaner and cost effectively; laser markings cannot be removed by solvents, which serves the safety of consumers.

Catering industry

Folprint Laser Engraving serves several various solutions for catering industry. All products which need to have the emblem, name or logo of restaurants or hotels, can be engraved by laser, such as cutlery, plates, glasses and table decorations.

Funerary applications

The claims of funeral service providers and the bereaved can be fulfilled by laser engraving. Simple oval, gold-black outdoor engravable boards can be made with lasers, which can be fixed on wooden crosses, or oblong plates for coffins; also marble and granite plaques can be engraved with laser.


In electronics industry both the tiny and the bigger parts need to have clear identification data, which are essential when used on high-value or life-saving devices. The most accurate method for preparing clear and lifelong captions is laser engraving. Either on metal or on plastic coated parts constrasting marking can be made with laser.

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